Bridge to Housing Stability (BHS)

Our Bridge to Housing Stability (BHS) program is a partnership with the Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance (KERA) program administered by the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC). 


The goal of MHA’s Bridge to Housing Stability program is to prevent homelessness or housing instability caused by COVID-19 Hardship at the local level. Program Oversight is conducted by the Executive Director of the Manhattan Housing Authority. 

BHS applicants must be referred by the KERA program in order to receive additional homeless prevention and case management services.

Our BHS program aims to leverage over $2 million in federal and state funding to rapidly rehouse and stabilize KERA approved residents experiencing homelessness related to a COVID hardship in Riley and Geary counties. 

The Manhattan Area Bridge to Housing Stability program will result in stable housing for families, timely rent payments, a local liaison for KHRC to approved KERA applicants, and support through direct strength-based case management. This housing program is one way to provide a path to self-sufficiency to prevent and end homelessness in the region. 

What's Happening Now?

The initial phase of our program rollout is focused on the capacity building of new staff, training, technology updates, and general preparation to respond to a housing crisis. Additionally, BHS program staff will begin developing their resource networks and establishing positive relationships with property owners who are interested in being a bridge to housing stability partner.

Housing First & Strength Based Approach:

Our program is a Housing First Model with Strength Based Case Management and will serve Riley and Geary County renters who have been approved at the state level for KERA assistance and are now facing eviction and homelessness.

Who is Eligible? 

In order to qualify you must be a Riley or Geary County resident and meet the eligibility criteria as a KERA referral. 

MHA will not provide direct KERA assistance until after an applicant is approved and referred by the state.

What services are offered?

- Strength Based Case Management
- Housing Stability Planning
- Rental Assistance and /or Rental Arrears
- Utility Deposit Assistance
- Rental Security Deposits
- Emergency Hotel/Motel Vouchers
- Internet Service assistance

BHS Staff: 

Karen Martinez - BHS Case Manager 
Natalie Waldo - BHS Case Manager (Junction City)
Kelly Stebbins - BHS Case Manager (Riley County)
Romeo Vega - BHS Peer Mentor 

KERA & BHS Resources