Kelly Stebbins

Main Office
Title: BHS Case Manager
Phone: 785-776-8588 ext 309

Specific Duties, Functions, and Responsibilities:

  • Receiving, tracking, and documenting referrals from the KERA Escalation Team.
  • Conducting intake and follow-up interviews to determine immediate and long-term housing stability needs.
  • Maintain a caseload of no more than 25 clients as determined by the program’s needs, under the supervision of the MHA Executive Director .
  • Develop and monitor individual service plans with each client to meet basic needs and to help restore and enhance social, psychological, and bio-psychological functioning. Service plans will focus on stability in the areas of income, self-care, and housing (with the general goal of housing stability) and will require recertification every 90 days.
  • Work in collaboration with team members, MHA Executive Director, and community partners to discuss best practices for more effective service delivery to clients and referrals to KERA.
  • Provide support to clients in accessing appropriate services through communication with KERA, community partners, service providers, and other relevant agencies.
  • Maintain complete and accurate records (both electronic and hardcopy records) of all client contacts via client tracking systems and complete reporting requirements mandated by KHRC, grantors, and other regulatory agencies in a timely manner.
  • Manage client data by entering it into the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). Data should be entered in a timely manner. Utilize SharePoint software to manage referrals. 
  • Work with Housing stakeholders as well as develop relationships with landlords/property managers to facilitate housing location for clients.
  • Travel within the surrounding areas to conduct home visits with clients and other appointments, when needed. Coordinating with participants to complete applications (including remotely).
  • Attend MHA staff meetings and other community meetings, as required.


Other General Duties, Functions, and Responsibilities:


  • Program Outreach and community involvement. Build community relationships with services that will assist KERA applicants with housing stability and proactively prevent evictions. 
  • Build relationships with landlords, hotel/motels, workforce centers, credit counseling, and/or other essential services.
  • Attend Community Care Team meeting and make referrals or actively problem solve as needed. 
  • Build rapport and understanding with homeless individuals and families throughout area. 
  • Participate in inter-agency case management collaborations to communicate resources, share information, and problem solve difficult client issues
  • Perform other duties as assigned

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